How to choose the right music for your business?

Music is an incredibly effective branding tool, but also very subjective, therefore it can be problematic for your brand if employees play their own selected playlist.

Choosing the best music to play in your store, restaurant or hotel
See how Liveqube uses music as a branding tool for businesses

How does the music you play in your business effect your sales?

According to research it it not recommended to let your employees select their own music. This is easy to avoid if you use a professional music consultant for your B2B in-store music streaming service. This would help you keep your customers in your store as well as it enhances their shopping experience.

"Research shows that when employees have the opportunity to influence in-store music, sales decreased by 6%. The negative effect was most pronounced for sales of women’s clothing, which showed a decrease in sales of 11%."

(Daunfeldt, Moradi, Rudholm, Öberg)

Think about this when selecting music for your business

Purpose, what do you want to achieve when playing music in your place of business. Music is an incredibly effective tool for putting people in a given mood, so be strategic with your purpose. Think objectively, why do you want to play music and what do you want to achieve?

It is a well known fact that the right music can increase sales, but it can also affect your customers in other ways:
  • reduce stress
  • protect speech privacy between guests
  • remove silent awkwardness
  • decrease perceived waiting time
  • get your guests in a positive state of mind and create an overall good impression
  • create a better shopping experience
  • affects the energy level of your guests
  • makes your store feel more welcoming

Musical Branding

What is your stores concept, visual identity and who are your customers?
Do you have a narrow or broad target group? Make sure the music resonates with your ideal customer.

Music selection

Genre, intensity, mood, tempo, etc. The choice of music summarizes the two previous points for what you actually achieve with what you play in the store.

Schedule your music playlists

When your music profile is finished, its worthwhile to schedule the playlist in different times of the day. It can be as simple as having more intensity and tempo in the afternoon and on weekends. Or it could be you have different customer groups at various times of the day. Play the right music at the right time.

Update your musical content

Update your music regularly. Nothing is worse for an employee than having the same music go on for months. In Liveqube, we make sure to update a music profile weekly, and we recommend a minimum of 10% musical updates throughout a month.