A common mistake made by retail and restaurant owners

We can all agree that emotions affect our decision making. In fact, research shows that without emotions humans become completely ineffective in decision making. We tend to buy things because it feels right, not necessarily because it is right thing to do.

Successful brands convey strong emotions
According to PsychologyToday, we react a lot better to the emotional parts of an ad compared to the plain text. Ads that convey strong emotions are more likely to become viral and generate better results. No wonder successful businesses owners use a lot of time and money to trigger their customers emotions.

The visual expression
The interior of a store, café or restaurant is one of the most common ways to influence the emotional reactions of a customer or guest. Large companies spend a lot of money on changing their logo just a tiny bit. They do this because it is very effective in creating an emotional connection between their brand and the customer.

Music in TV ads
The visual identity is a great way to communicate a business image and value. But are there other ways to effectively do this? In TV ads music often plays the most important role in creating an emotional response. The music is carefully selected to fit the target group and to make the product shine.

A common mistake for retail and restaurant owners
For many of us, in-store music is not very tangible. It is easy to forget about the importance of music, simply because we do not see it. A common mistake made by retail and restaurant owners is not to care about the music they play.

We may not notice it, but we certainly feel it
A film score and the music in a retail or restaurant affects us in the same way. Could you imagine the emotional impact the movie would have with no music, or with completely different music? Now, imagine your store or restaurant with no music or with unsuitable music.

Affect your guest when they are visiting you
Music can be used for more than just impacting consumers when they are in front of the TV. Use it to create a great customer experience when they are visiting you. Think about your restaurant or store as a scene from a movie, sprinkle the experience with a backdrop of the right music playing at the right volume.

Liveqube can help you selecting the right music
Liveqube assist brands in giving them the right musical identity and expression. Do you want to stream music that is hand-picked to suit your brand? Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.